Perfecting Draft Beer: The Art of Carbonation and Gas Blending


Perfecting Draft Beer: The Art of Carbonation and Gas Blending


A perfectly poured draft beer is undeniably satisfying. The sight of a golden brew with a foamy head, the anticipation of that first sip, and the explosion of flavours dancing on your tongue – it’s an experience that exemplifies the craftsmanship of the brewer. But have you ever wondered how that delectable fizziness is achieved and why certain draft beers stand out from the rest. The secret lies in the art of forced carbonation and the use of the appropriate gas mixtures. 


Forced Carbonation: Elevating the Brew 


Forced carbonation is an essential process that transforms a flat beverage into an enticing sensory experience. Unlike natural carbonation, which occurs during fermentation, forced carbonation involves the addition of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the beer under controlled conditions. This method enables brewers to have precise control over the level of carbonation, resulting in a consistent, high-quality product. 


The Gas Blend Difference: Beer Mix vs Nitro Mix 


When it comes to forced carbonation, the choice of gas mixture has a significant impact on the flavour, texture, and overall appearance of the beer. Two common gas mixtures found in draft systems are beer mix consisting of CO2 and nitrogen and nitro mix. Pure Air’s nitro mix is 25/75, 25% CO2 and 75% nitrogen. 


Beer Mix


This blend is primarily comprised of CO2 with a smaller amount of nitrogen. CO2 is crucial for maintaining the desirable level of carbonation, which gives beer its effervescence. The presence of nitrogen adds a touch of creaminess to the beer’s texture and enhances its aroma. Beer mix is ideal for the majority of standard beers as it helps preserve the original flavour profile and provides a pleasant level of carbonation. 


Nitro Mix 



As the name suggests, nitrogen is the primary component of the nitro mix, with minimal CO2 added. This blend is commonly used to give stouts and porters a velvety smoothness and a cascading effect when poured. Nitro mix produces smaller bubbles, resulting in a dense, rich head that retains its shape for a longer period of time, which creates an alluring visual presentation.


Nitro Mix Pure Air Grand Cayman



Benefits of the Appropriate Gas Blend


Creamier Consistency: Adding nitrogen to the gas blend gives the beer a luxuriant and inviting creamy texture. The improved mouthfeel elevated the overall consumption experience. 


Longer Foamy Head: A dense and persistent head adds to the aesthetic allure of the beer and locks in the aromas which intensifies the flavours throughout consumption. 


Smoother Dispensing from Taps: The correct gas mixture ensures that beer is dispensed smoothly from the taps, reducing the likelihood of waste and excessive foaming. 


Original Flavour Retention: It is vitally important to preserve the beer’s original flavour. The proper gas mix ensures that the beer retains its intended taste, allowing you to appreciate the beer as the brewmaster intended. 


Reduction in Pour Costs: Beyond improved beer quality, efficient gas blending optimises gas usage, wrestling in cost reductions for businesses. 


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Crafting a Perfect Pour with Pure Air 


A thorough understanding of the brewing process, the nuances of gas blending, and the correct equipment is necessary to achieve the perfect pour. At Pure Air, we recognise that every beer has its own distinctive qualities, and that it is essential to find the optimal gas mixture that emphasises these characteristics. 


Whether you’re striving for a classic lager with balanced carbonation or a silky-smooth stout with a cascading head, our selection of gases can be customised to meet your needs. With our knowledge and superior gas solutions, we enable businesses in Grand Cayman to produce draft beer that tantalise the senses and leave a lasting impression.


When it comes to draft beer, every bubble counts. Take your brew to new heights and let the flavours unfold in ways that will satisfy even the most discerning palates. Cheers to the art and science of the perfect pour! 

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