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Pure Air is proud to provide the highest quality aluminum in the Cayman Islands. We source our aluminium from North America that is manufactured and tested to the most rigorous standards.

The benefits of sourcing your aluminium through Pure Air is that we offer high quality products; competitive pricing; custom quotes; and source and handle all logistics, making the process easy for you.

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Expertly Sourced Supplies

Enjoy elevated projects with our high-quality aluminum supplies sourced by our expert team from manufacturers with the largest inventory stock in North America.

Uncompromised Quality

Pure Air takes pride in offering only the finest grade aluminum on the market. We take the time to research wholesalers who repeatedly demonstrate a commitment to excellence with quality controlled products.

Customised Solutions

We offer a diverse selection of aluminum supplies to suit a variety of applications.With a wide range of sizes, alloys and finishes, we’ll help you find the perfect solution for your project. Whether it’s sheets, plates, bars, rods, or custom-cut pieces, Pure Air has you covered.

Exceptional Customer Service

With Pure Air, you’ll get more than just aluminum materials; you’ll gain a partner dedicated to your success. Our knowledgeable team guarantees exceptional service, from recommendations to delivery, ensuring an exceptional customer experience.

Why Aluminum?


The lightweight nature of aluminum, approximately ⅓ that of steel, reduces structural burden without compromising strength. Streamline installation processes and enjoy greater flexibility in design.


Aluminum has an impressive resistance to corrosion which is especially beneficial in Cayman’s tropic climate and salt-laden air.


Nearly 75% of all aluminum produced is still in use today, presenting its potential to reduce your project’s carbon footprint. Contribute to a more sustainable future by choosing aluminum.

Energy Efficient

The thermal conductivity properties of aluminum allows for increased energy efficiency. Aluminum reflects and radiates heat effectively, reducing the need for complex cooling systems.


The malleable nature of aluminum allows for diverse designs, from modern aesthetics to intricate innovative structures and can adapt to the most ambitious designs.

Low Maintenance

Both forward-thinking and practical, aluminum provides resistance to rust and corrosion ensuring minimal maintenance which results in long-term resilience and cost-effectiveness.

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