We specialize in providing a broad range of gas related solutions and products

About Us

Pure Air Ltd services the Cayman Islands (Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman) with industrial, medical gases, food & beverage, specialty gases and welding supplies. We offer gases in liquefied form, also known as Bulk Gas, which allows for significant storage capacity. We also offer compressed packaged gases in cylinder form for customers who do not require Bulk. The Grand Cayman storefront offers a variety of premium products such as filler metals, abrasives, safety equipment, welding machines and aluminum stock. Brands we carry include Miller Electric, Washington Alloy, Rockmount, Matheson Select, CGW, Jackson Headgear, Black Stallion and others.

Pure Air is a proud member of the Compressed Gas Association

Our History

From our humble beginnings to where we’re at today, one thing has been constant. Our desire to improve the lives of our client’s customers.

Origin Story

Pure Air Ltd has been serving the Cayman Islands since 1974. This island critical business has been successful over the last, almost, 50 years and is expanding to improve its service over the years to come.

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Our Services

From small customers to large businesses, and residential customers, we take pride in servicing every client with dedication and a touch of Caymankind.

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High-quality medical gases are instrumental for MRI testing and preserving samples.

pure air services assisted living

Assisted Living Facilities

The chances that seniors will need respiratory gases like oxygen are high. Pure Air can help with low-cost solutions.

pure air services medical offices

Medical Offices

Our reliable medical gas solutions help health-care professionals concentrate on the health of their patients.

pure air services plant


Efficient large scale gas production solutions for plants are possible with Pure Air’s experience.

pure air services fabrication

Fabrication Shops

Pure Air can help streamline fabrication processes by providing the right mix of industrial gases.

pure air services farms


From maximizing agricultural yields to the storage of produce, our gas solutions improve profitability.

pure air services gas blend

Gas Blend

Gas blends (such as NITROX) for scuba tanks and deep water.

pure air services cylinder testing

Cylinder Testing

Routinely testing cylinders and adhering to proper safety protocols allows you to focus more time on your business.

Our Team

Experienced and knowledgeable about gas solutions for different industries, our leadership teams are passionate about improving the lives of your customers.

Management Team

Bob Nowack
Owner & President
Tyler D. Kuntz
Vice President, Operations
Dena Hydes
Office Manager
Richard Talento
Plant Manager